The Midnight Jewel Drape

The answer to yesterdays picture riddle, The Jewel Drape.

I changed the colors a bit, but it’s the same basic design.  But leave it to Meghann to give me a great idea without even realizing it, I’m going to do something with the Flabella because I HATE the color palette.  It kind of reminds me of the color swatches you’d grab if you were designing a baby’s room and you didn’t know the gender.

As a random aside, as I was making this I realized it kind of reminded me of the design of the necklace Marie Antoinette died over, in the Affair of the Necklace.

So in her honor the next color palate I am going to make this in is in all clear.  That version will be the ‘Marie Antoinette Jewel Drape.’

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3 thoughts on “The Midnight Jewel Drape

  1. cotrina story on said:

    omg whew i hated the color scheme of the flabellas too

  2. Denise on said:

    Another great piece Ashyln!!

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