New Coupon and Shop Policy Updates

I’ve let the ball drop with coupons, I’m going to post them more consistently.  Also always feel free to message me on ETSY or if I don’t have a coupon and ask if I can put one up.  Unless it’s the day of a special release I’ll put one up as soon as I get the email.

Anyway enter ‘Jewel15’ for 15% off (expiration 1/25)

Also, I finally motivated to update my shop policy info on ETSY.  You can find it under shop info but I am also posting it here.

Payment: Currently, I accept paypal as the only automatic form of payment.  However, if you are interested in an item and you do not have a paypal account, feel free to message me to set up another form of payment.

Shipping: For most orders I ask that you give me a weeks handling time, as most items I make to order.  It normally takes me less than that but I don’t want to sacrifice quality for speed.
Standard domestic shipping is USPS, First Class Mail.  If you need an item sooner message me after your purchase and I will change the shipping price accordingly.
I also ship Internationally at a standard rate of $10.00.

Refunds: I try to describe all items to the best of my ability and I am happy to send more pictures upon request.
Therefore, I don’t not accept returns.  However, you should NEVER receive a damaged item.  If an item arrives damaged message me and I will arrange for you to send it back (and I will refund your shipping cost).  If it can be fixed I will fix it, if not I will make you a new one.

Coupon Code Policy:
I wholeheartedly believe in coupons.  Coupons will almost always be available on my blog and they will typically run for a week after I  post them.  The dates will be clearly stated
However, I’ve decided with the growing number of orders and new lines I’m planning that I need to add a couple of exemptions.

This is the list of items exempt from coupons:
-limited edition lines (ex: The ‘Once Upon a Time’ collection) where the pieces are released in a limited number.
-custom orders (for items made especially for you).
-custom orders posted and reserved for you, where I have already added a discount.

Due to the way Etsy has set up the posting of coupons I cannot add these exemptions in.  However, if you place an order using a coupon which falls under one of these exemptions I will contact you to resolve the issue.

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