North Star Pendant from ‘The Patriot’

I don’t know how many of you have seen ‘The Patriot’ but it was really a great movie; not to mention, one of the last ones that Mel did before his crazy train breakdown post Passion of the Christ (although, I think most of us can agree the descent started when he agreed to be in ‘What Women Want’). 

Surprisingly, there are still some people who say that he is being ‘crucified’ for making Passion, conveniently forgetting his bigoted drunken tirade against a cop.  I’m not going to preach to anyone because I detest being preached too, but I will say that historically Jesus was known as a man of tolerance and I doubt that man would condone practically everything Mel has said the past eight years or so.

Anyway, not the point.   The point is that, if you did see this movie you may have noticed the beautiful pendant which Mel’s character gives to Gabriel’s wife, Anne, at their wedding.  I believe this may be an image of the actual necklace designed by the artist.  Finding a screencap from the film is proving more difficult than I would have thought.

I am going to have to go back and watch the movie though because I could have sworn it was on a blue ribbon.  Regardless, I’ve begun preparations for making my version.

Quality North Star Pendants, in the right size and at the right price, have been hard to find.  But, I found a pewter one that measures 24mm by 18mm and I was able to buy out the last of the stock.  So  I am going to be able to make six (including one for myself), so five for sale.  To give you an idea of what it will look like here is what I have so far.

Midnight Blue 3 yd length Hanah Hand painted Silk Satin RibbonThis is hand-dyed silk satin ribbon.Pewter North Star CharmThese are the pendants.  I’m planning on carving out the center design so I can add the crystal (as seen in the original).  I also intend on adding a silver pendant bail with two matching smaller gemstones.

If you would like to contact me about reserving one of these pieces I’ve set up a new email:

I’ll keep you updated.

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