‘Once Upon a Time’ Design Contest

While I’m watching ‘Once Upon a Time’ on Sundays I always have a millions ideas for pieces running through my head.  Like during last night’s episode, I’m wondering if I could created a cracked compass piece for Hansel and Gretel, how would I break it without smashing it to bits, would it be too similar to Charming’s promise?…  It kind of makes it hard to focus.

Anyway, one of the ideas I thought of during last nights episode (while my mom was helping me brainstorm) was to have a contest where you post your ideas for pieces.  On Friday, I’ll choose the one I’m most inspired by and create it as part of the collection for the following week.  But the best part is, I’ll send you one free.

Here are the rules:

Post your descriptions as comments.  It can be in the form of a name, a drawing, a concept, a detailed page description, pretty much whatever.

Make sure to leave your contact details (an email address would probably be best)

Friday 1/22 (until 12am EST) is the last day to submit

I’ll go through all of the entries on Saturday and post the winner Saturday night by 8pm EST.  The winning piece will be in the next Sunday’s collection (or the following Sunday at the latest, depending on the availability of materials)  and I will send you one as soon as it’s completed.

Also depending on the entries, I may contact a few of you requesting to use your ideas (anyone whose idea I end up using will receive that piece as a gift)

*NEW*  Feel free to post as many ideas as you want, the more the post the better you chances.

I’m can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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21 thoughts on “‘Once Upon a Time’ Design Contest

  1. Rose Goldenberg on said:

    I was thinking of a few different ideas. (If I come up with others I hope you don’t mind if I comment on here with others. The ones I’m listing now I just came up with. I haven’t seen Sunday’s ep yet, so maybe more ideas might come up) I’m not sure if you have thought of doing any replicas of the jewelry that the characters already wear, but I like the ring that Snow/Mary Margaret wears that Charming gave to Snow when they were married that belonged to his mother. Also, maybe to some kind of piece of jewelry based on Jiminy Cricket (Maybe a cricket or his umbrella) and Geppetto (maybe something like what a puppet is connected to). Or really just about anything other idea for them. Maybe even do a walkie talkie necklace set for like a friendship type thing because Emma has one and Henry has the other for their Operation Cobra. Just a thought.

  2. I was so excited to see your post today and have been dreaming all day about a piece. My idea for you is this , The Enchanted Forest Choker. The choker would be on a silk green ribbon, a tree pendant would be in front ( I found silver tree charms on ebay)and green and brown beads on either side of the tree ( i am imagining glass ones in my head). The back could be a clasp with an extender chain so you could wear it tighter or looser , dependening on your prefence. My thoughts were the forest is where the characters are from, it is where many of the stories on the show are featured. The Forest is to the fairy tale side as Storybrooke is to our side. The green and brown tones represent the earthy color of the forest. Emma was also sent to “our world ” in a magical wardrobe from a magic tree within the forest.

  3. Heather Rosenbaum on said:

    I was thinking about a charm bracelet representing the women of the fairytale world that we have met on the show so far. will inbox you a picture of my sketch on facebook:

    just a standard charm bracelet, with only 5 charms so far ( with room so that charms can be added on as more episodes air). there is an apple for the evil queen, a basket for red riding hood, a shoe for cinderella, a bird for snow white, and a rose for Belle.

    • Heather Rosenbaum on said:

      I was also thinking about some sort of ribbon threaded through the bracelet, like an emerald green or a ruby red 🙂

  4. Rose Goldenberg on said:

    Some other ideas that I came up with while watching Once Upon A Time last night were:

    (Cinderella) Glass Slipper necklace with either having it hang from a pale/sky blue ribbon (to represent Ella’s dress that she wore at the ball) or adding a blue topaz stone with the Glass Slipper on a chain.

    (Belle) Red Rose charm hanging from a gold ribbon (to represent Belle’s dress)

    some sort of charm bracelet for Snow White, Prince Charming, Emma Swan, and Henry: some type of bird (Snow White), emerald green color stone (like the stones on the necklace you already made) to represent the ring Charming gave Snow (Charming), a sheriff’s badge (Emma), and a book (Henry, since with that book he’s been telling his mother the fairy tale stories). possibly add a ribbon through the bracelet like a blue or red color of some sort.

  5. I watched this weeks show and came up with another idea. The hat the queen wore caught my attention the most in this episode . I was thing since you made headbands for Red that another headband may be fun. This head band would be black satin and on one side of the head band black feathers and at the base of the feathers some sort of rhinstones or dark shiny stones, sort of how they are on her hat.

  6. Another idea could be a bracelet or necklace of an arrow from a bow and arrow like that of the huntsmen when he sacrifices the deer to attempt to save Snow.

    • Keeping with arrow theme, you could do a necklace, similar to that of jm smooth sailing and have Arrow at the bottom of the chain, and a bow charm about halfway down the chain. Really like it in Silver

  7. I have a drawing of the headband if you want to see , Whats the best way to send it to you? My email is woodfamily20@yahoo.com , I forgot to put it in my post

  8. Crystal Sears on said:

    I love red riding hood/red and I remember seeing her have a little wolf pendant with her that she loves. My idea would be to have a little silver wolf and small red swavorski heart on a silver chain 🙂

  9. As for once upon a time I was thinking make a very villain bracelet with a gunmetal wrap and a ab green crystal ( a little bigger then the stone of treasure box …. ) make it a double wrap n the green can represent poison and add a small apple charm hanging on the first link next to the stone [ the gunmetal chain if it is textured will look amazing]

    The promise ring James gives to snow ?

    Something purple to represent magnificent like a pendent that looks like the romantic pine but in purple larger n that doesn’t turn around like the romantic pine

  10. amy Taylor on said:

    I have a couple of ideas. In honor of the jimminy cricket episode I thought it would be cool to do a blue crystal encrusted necklace for the blue fairy. Also a belle episode is coming up and the red rose is so iconic in that movie that I thought a red rose mabe with crystals to let it sparkle would be pretty.

  11. I have a couple of ideas that have been running thru my head for a couple of weeks. One is a blue crystle incrusted fairy in honor of the blue fairy on the jimminy cricket episode. it could be on a silver chain or on a blue silk chain, whatever you like best. the other is in honor of the belle episode that will be coming up. The red rose is such an iconic part of that movie. I think it would be really cool to do a red rose ring, probably with swavorski crystals to give it that shimmer, on a gold band. Thanks for coming up with this contest. You are an awesome person!

  12. oh, so i see my comment did get on there, for some reason i couldnt see the comment get posted earlier, but this one is more detailed anyway.

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  14. Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin controls, if not everything and everyone, in, and out of Storybrooke. If it wasn’t for him, none of this really would have happened, and so, hes a huge character…and he manipulates everyone to his will.

    My thought is a bracelet. Made of brown, leather type fabric, with a simple gold chain wrapped around with it; the brown leather symbolizes his form of Rumpelstiltskin, the gold, of course Mr. Gold and his wealth.
    As for the moment, since there will be more main characters to come, there are five main characters- Snow White, Prince Charming, Emma, The Evil Queen, and Mr. Gold…
    So, hanging from the chain, as if a charm bracelet, would be a bird, symbolizing Snow White, a sword, to symbolize Prince Charming and his sacrifice to his daughter and wife. A swan, of course representing Emma, and an apple, or heart to represent the Evil Queen. They would all symbolize the people he has tangled in his plot and web. His, puppets, one could say.

    Then, it would be up to you, to add perhaps a spinning wheel to symbolize Mr. Gold himself, or perhaps even a dagger, since he is the cord and cold wrapped around said wrist.

    I love how manipulative Mr. Gold is, and just how he really is the most powerful person on both worlds.

  15. My last few ideas before the contest ends , since the arrow was a big part of the Huntsman episode I was thinking of a metal ring that would look like an arrow wrapped around the finger , a cuff type metal bracelet could also made to match. The forest since it is the setting for the stories could be a similar set only a branch , or a branch with a few leaves for the bracelet.

  16. Corinne on said:

    A long gold necklace with a Circle-ring at the end with charms on it. A Red apple, a gold flying bird, and a ring(like the ring she wears)./////

    Earrings that are dangling swords, or one dangling sword (think jaggers, but a sword)

    An apple with covered in red crystals… this would work as necklace, charm, or ring.

    Black lace choker — evil queen

    Necklace or earrings with a “looking glass” mirror – antique brass look

    A set of inexpensive bracelets…. each having a different metal look… with something representing the different characters

    A cricket ring!

    Necklace with simple arrow end I> long or short — queen was wearing when mayor

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